Kevin Garner, a man in the middle of an aggressively bad day, encounters a mysterious stranger with unspeakable power who presents him with a choice: receive untold power and fame… or be hounded by the devil for the rest of his miserable life. Written and directed by Brock Heasley.

THE SHIFT – Trailer VA B from Brock Heasley on Vimeo.

The Shift completed its festival run in 2017 and garnered Writer and Director Brock Heasley an Outstanding Filmmaker of the Year Award from the Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival. Now, in partnership with VidAngel Studios and Stellar Lense Productions, Brock is raising funds to turn The Shift into a full-length feature film. You can watch the short film for free and invest in the feature film right here.

You can also watch it on VidAngel, right here.



A young college girl’s life is turned upside down when her best friend reveals that she lives the same life over and over again–from birth to death–with all of her memories intact. Written and directed by Brock Heasley.

The Two Hundred Fifth made its World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival  in Montreal, and is currently making the festival rounds.

The Two Hundred Fifth – Trailer A from Brock Heasley on Vimeo.