Why I Took My Wedding Ring Off Six Years Ago (And Why I Put It Back On Yesterday)

I’ll have been married twelve years this coming July and for half of that time I’ve kept my wedding far, far away from my finger. I hate rings. Hate them. They are annoying and they catch on things and dig into my skin.

Actually, I hate all jewelry. What’s the point? God made me pretty. I don’t need sparkly things catching the light to distract from all of… this:

So, when I joined Weight Watchers six years ago and lost a bunch of weight and my fingers went skinny, my ring wouldn’t fit anymore. Joy. I waved my hand or moved quickly and the ring went flying. Overjoy. I happily put the ring away, in my wife’s own jewelry box.

“Sorry, sweetheart. It just doesn’t fit anymore.”

“But Brock,” she said. “You could go get it resized.”

“La la la la. I can’t hear you! La la la la…”

When pressed, I told her, sure, I’ll get it resized one day. I mean, why not tell her that? Promises for some unknown point in the future are the easiest to make. Did I actually intend to get it resized? Of course not. Oh, sure, I told myself I did. I didn’t want to be a liar. But come on. I’d have thrown that thing in Mount Doom if possible.

Years came and years went. The ring lay forgotten until it passed out of memory and into legend. (Sorry, leaving Lord of the Rings kick starting… now.) Even my wife had accepted the fact that I would never again wear my wedding ring.

And then yesterday was my wife’s birthday. Last year was a difficult year for us, but especially for her. The one bright spot was the birth of our third daughter, but everything else went sort of, shall we say, sucky. I wanted to do something extra nice for Erin this year. I wanted to show her just how much she means to me and how much I love her.

And what’s the greatest show of love? Sacrifice.

So, I got the ring resized and yesterday morning I presented Erin with a box containing jewelry. For me. And I put the ring back on.

Never to be taken off again.

I still hate it. The ring bugs me and I’ll never, ever get used to it. I already know this because this is my second go at it. So, now more than ever, the ring is proof of the great love I have for my wife. And the look of happiness on her face as she slipped it back on my finger was all the proof I needed that she feels the same way.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

17 thoughts on “Why I Took My Wedding Ring Off Six Years Ago (And Why I Put It Back On Yesterday)

  1. I think you win a best husband award. What a sweet thing to do! I’m sure Erin loved this.

    When Tyler was finally able to put his ring back on (after hurting his finger over the summer) it made me very happy. And that was only after a few months.

    ‘Fess up. Did she cry?


    1. No, she didn’t cry. But she was very, very enthusiastic. Jumped up and down. That sort of thing.

      I don’t know why rings are so important to women, but I accept that they are.


      1. I remember her suggesting once that you could get a TATTOO of a wedding ring and thus satisfy both of you! You did a wonderful thing, Brock. Yep, we women want all the other women out there to know our men are taken!


  2. That is awesome. Makes me think I should dig my ring out and put it back on, been about 4 years for me … Same reasons as you. I totally get why you chose it, what an amazing gift. If it means that much to her, it should mean that much to you, bravo! Happy Birthday Erin!


  3. Also, the One Ring is not something you put back on. I don’t know if you remember that from Lord of the Rings. They destroyed it (SPOILER ALERT…as if those who haven’t read/seen it actually care to at this point). I don’t know if I can believe your story now. Photoshop? Erin?


  4. This is a really sweet blog that made my day, and congratulations on your weight loss success. That’s the spirit that will make you a successful author ;).


  5. Well, My Dearly Beloved and I have been married just short of 29 years now, and for most of that time I have worn a ring. I’m kind of hard on them, because they do catch, but I also mash them out of round.
    I also find your comic one of the best around, and your pieces on the blog are thought provoking, funny, and sweet.


    1. Thanks so much, alexander. I’m lucky to have an outlet for the various creative sparks within me. Luckier still to know people like yourself who like the spread.

      Death to wedding rings! (Not really.)


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