Misc. YouTube Shenanigans

A few short video pieces I’ve done lately. Enjoy.

Bad Robot, the production team behind Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol released a handy little app called Action Movie and over the Christmas break I had a lot of fun with it with family and friends. See for yourself at the link above!

My wife and her friend planned a double date and Skywalk, the new trampoline arena just outside of town, is where we ended up. So friggin’ much fun. I’ve been back twice more since.

I was driving to work the other day and the fog was incredibly dense–more dense than what you’ll actually see in this video because it cleared up a bit before I actually pulled out my iPod. This song, “The Devil’s Work” by Miike Snow, came on and the mood was just perfect. I took the video to try to capture that mood. It’s all cars and streets, but I quite like this one.